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    September 15, 2011 Programs

    Learning by Doing - What is that all about?


    If you have visited our website or you have looked at the header for this blog you will have noticed that our strap line is “Learning by Doing”. Often we are asked, what do you mean by that, surely you can only learn by doing- whether that is reading, asking questions, taking a class. To that extent people are right we generally don’t learn by osmosis so in theory you can only learn by doing (something).

    The impact of learning on behavior

    However the way in which you receive knowledge has a huge impact on the retention of that knowledge and crucially for the greatest impact, how likely you are to change your current behaviours as a result of that knowledge. It is a well known fact that no matter what we know if we do not change our current behaviours then we are likely to experience the same outcomes. Changing people’s behaviours therefore should be the key focus of any learning intervention. It is not enough to give people theoretical understanding, you have to make them willing and able to behave differently in order to get a different outcome. The biggest challenge with any learning programme or intervention is getting people to change their behaviour, if you fail at this it doesn’t matter what they know, they will not apply it or behave differently from before.


    The Actando approach: "learning by doing"


    At Actando we focus heavily on changing mindsets and behaviours through the use of simulations or serious games and experiential learning for the Pharmaceutical Industry as well as providing tools that support the learning in the classroom or online that participants can use in their day to day job to help facilitate that all too important change to their behaviour. As can be seen from the graph at the top of this article, there are many learning solutions and all of them require some form of doing but there are some of them that are more effective than others. Our approach uses computer based simulations (all PCs, Macs & iPad compatible) and experiential learning methods to drive behavioural and mindset change, that in turn ensures improved performance and capabilities.

    Once you achieve mindset change the behaviours will follow if you do not achieve this it is likely that the impact of any programme you put in place will be sub optimal.

    Contact us if you want more information on the tools and approaches that we offer that will ensure you get the maximum impact from any training or development intervention you are planning.

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