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    January 24, 2017 by Actando Consulting Team LEARNING SOLUTIONS > Blended Learning

    Do You Need a HCP Website?


    HCP Websites | Pharma companies have always interacted with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) to engage, educate and support, for the betterment of medical science, treatments and patient outcomes.  Therefore in the ever-present 24x7 digital world of communications, it seems a natural fit that the growth in the use of the tailored HCP website channel has grown to become a standard offering. However, the success of this channel is mixed. 

    What is a HCP Website?

    A HCP website provides content and online tools for HCPs specifically, and access is restricted from the general public.

    Pharmaceutical or other medical resources providers have developed most of the HCP websites. Some are branded sites, and others are non-branded and more generic and medical in context. The objective of a HCP website is to engage, inform and educate.

    The types of content available on HCP websites can include: diagnostics tools, patient information (printable PDFs), continuing medical education programs, medical images and videos, webinar/webcast content for replaying, brand information and some promotional opt-in options, as well as some functional tools such as a site search function and a mobile app download.


    What is Required to Build Your HCP Website?

    Content drives interest. Usability drives access.

    HCPs, like all consumers of information on the web, are scanners. They will scan your website and engage or leave, depending on the initial experience.  

    The balance between what the pharma companies want to deliver and what the HCPs demand or need, is currently in-balanced, but improving. HCPs want convenient access to the latest information, and a means of accessing peers and experts. They want a library of content, accessible via any device and the ability to search, share and print.

    So your content should be driven by your customer journey opportunities and your brand strategy. It must be in a visual engaging format, but always credible and complaint.

    Therefore, you need to be clear on the role the HCP Website is going to play in your content and channel strategy, or even broader company strategy, then create the relevant content - not only with your agency and medical department, but with your cross functional team. This channel can be a launch pad for other channels; so integrated channel management is a top priority. You are going to need some in-house skills, as well as a trusted web-hosting partner. 

    Don’t forget you will also need a promotional strategy to let people know it exists and what value it offers. To improve your website, ensure it is optimized for all relevant search engines and is mobile friendly.



    Measuring Success of Your Website

    • Content.
    • Engagement.
    • User Experience.

    The most common metric is traffic. However, what are you trying to find out – the number of visits, click through rates, downloads, registrations? Get specific! You can measure everything, but should you? Strategically measure what you need to know in order to continuously improve your content relevance, your customer experience and to find news to deepen your engagement. 

    What is really important is not the number of visits to the website, but rather, whether the HCPs actually engaged with the content. This can inform you if the messages and calls-to-action resonate with HCPs and if the content is compelling enough to continue to engage and take action.



    Content drives interest. Usability drives access. The overall user experience, which includes these two key drivers, will in turn, drive engagement and potentially, expand your market reach to new customers. 


    If you are interested in our mobile learning solutions on digital channels, contact Actando.

    The Actando Consulting Team

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