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March 27, 2017 by Melanie Brown, Senior Consultant at Actando LEARNING SOLUTIONSBlended Learning

On Track With Digital Content Data




Digital Content Data in the Pharmaceutical Industry | In thinking about the digital revolution and how it can benefit pharma sales and marketing, three things often come to mind:


  • A more engaging interaction with customers
  • Ability to collect data to learn from the interactions
  • Respond more immediately to what we have learned


Focus area #1: A more engaging interaction

This may seem obvious – how could we not create higher engagement with content that slides, animates, transitions, plays as a video?

Well it is exactly those features that may be taking us in the wrong direction. If a slide animates or a video plays independently of the rep’s conversation with the doctor, engagement actually goes down.

We need to be sure that our content allows the rep and the customer to truly interact, not become a press-n-play commercial.


Focus area #2: Learn from the interaction

Most digital content is tagged to provide us with valuable interaction data. 

What is often missing is the logic behind the tagging in order to query it for what we need to know to do better next time.

Also if you ask marketers what they are learning from the data, you may be surprised to hear that the data is not frequently reviewed or acted upon.


Focus area#3: Immediacy of response

It goes without saying that without reviewing the data we will not be able to act on what we have learned.

We must make it a standard process to analyse our data for gaps and opportunities to improve and act on them quickly.

This requires curiosity on the part of marketers, and improved approval processes for MLR so that we react while the opportunity is still present. 





From designing our content to better collect useful data through to looking for and responding to opportunities for improvement we can still improve significantly our digital evolution.

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The Actando Consulting Team