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    June 01, 2018 by Actando Consulting Team PharmAcademy

    Actando And Anthill Agency Partnership To Transform Pharma’s Digital Skills


    The Anthill Academy™

    Anthill Agency, a leading life sciences digital agency, today announced the launch of the Anthill Academy™ and partnership with Actando’s PharmAcademy.

    The Anthill Academy™ distils 17 years of expertise delivering digital consulting, production and implementation for the pharmaceutical industry into a comprehensive, online academy. It was born out of a recognised need in the pharmaceutical industry for upskilling and increased enthusiasm around the opportunity surrounding digital.

    Katrine Bach, CEO, Anthill Agency:

    “Pharma needs to accelerate its digital adoption and while we can learn a lot from outside industry, pharma is unique. We know that the industry requires contextualised training which led us to reflect on our own role in bringing the industry up-to-speed with digital. For our clients to succeed, we need to help them grow their in-house capabilities. Therefore, we decided to share our own methodologies on digital strategies and solutions. In that way, we extend our engagement with our clients. Being not just as a digital provider but a true digital partner.”

    The academy begins with the fundamental principles of digital marketing and gives users a robust and aligned understanding of digital marketing and the key principles that drive its success. With this understanding in place, the advanced modules give users the tools and methodologies they need in order to deliver superior customer experiences and achieve digital excellence. Expert users are then offered an array of modules that talk to the most cutting-edge topics, theories and practices surrounding digital marketing today and in the near-future.

    Partnership with Actando

    The Anthill Academy™ is powered through a partnership with Actando, the provider of learning solutions to over 100 pharmaceutical & healthcare companies around the world. Actando’s PharmAcademy, (where the Anthill Academy™ is hosted) is an extensive, open-source platform that provides users with approximately 300 pharma specific eLearning, assessment tools, serious games, eBooks, and implementation tools in up to 17 languages. Users are encouraged to build bespoke packages of modules and courses that best suit their specific needs and knowledge gaps.

    Alexandre Dauge, CEO, Actando:

    “One of the great benefits of the open-source platform is that users are privy to industry-wide benchmarks for each of the platform offerings. With these benchmarks on offer, Actando and Anthill are able to facilitate not only the learning but also the skills gap analyses that will guide course selection and upskilling strategies. We selectively partner with those that we believe to be the subject matter experts on the topics that the market demands. Anthill were an obvious choice for digital marketing in pharma and we’re excited to be working with them.”

    Additional Information:

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    About Anthill Agency:

    Anthill is a digital communication agency focused exclusively on the life sciences. The agency works with more than 35 life science brands, providing digital strategy and innovative content, specialist digital tools and training programmes, that enable companies to realize the full benefits of digital technology in all aspects of their marketing and sales communications.

    About Actando:

    Actando’s philosophy is based on blended Learning approach and “Learning by Doing” (Act and Do) methodology using serious games, eLearning and implementation tools, that are more effective than traditional approaches. Over the past 7 years, Actando’s approach has been used extensively in the healthcare industry to deliver improved performance as well as mindset and behavioural change.



    The Actando Consulting Team


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